Individual Session Cuddlmonials


Berkeley, CA

The experience was beautiful. This was my first session and I would like to say everything was so exceptional from walking into the location and being offered fresh infused water, then participating in some breathing exercises, that allowed me to relax, as we went over the Rules of Conduct and prompting each other in some yes and no exercises. The hospitality showed and Sundria’s tone was great and very relaxing. I give her an A+ for the service provided. Her energy was focused on one person and that was me 😊.  I would like to express that in the one session I had, I learned so much about myself and the world of cuddling. Everything was a breath of fresh air! Thank you.

Pinole, CA

Sundria was my first individual cuddle session. I had been to cuddle parties before and had good experiences so I was curious about how a one-on-one worked. She had a gentle and kind way of talking to me clearly and listening to me completely that made me feel like all of her attention was towards me and making sure that I was relaxed in the peaceful environment of the Cuddle Haven. She didn't waste a lot of time on business talk in the beginning, but she was thorough, leaving a lot of time for comforting touch in the session. The space was clean! The temperature was perfect! The scent in the air was relaxing and her touch was AMAZING! I am usually wound up but I actually fell asleep cuddled up with her. I recommend her services to EVERYONE! No such thing as just one session with SUNDRIA! Try her and see for yourself!

***Pictured above is the Individual Cuddle Session area at the Cuddle Haven in Fairfield, CA

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Cuddle Party Cuddlmonials


Suisun City, CA

This was my first experience of cuddling at a Cuddle Party. The atmosphere was very relaxing and Sundria was very professional. Nothing was left unsaid or undone. She was well versed with the rules and etiquette of touching and setting boundaries that made everyone feel more at ease. We did a few exercises and laughed a lot! I was rather impressed with the whole experience. Everyone was engaged and all of our curious questions were answered in a way that made them not feel awkward. She was positive, inviting, and truly involved with everybody. I’m ready for more cuddle parties! I think everyone needs to learn and experience this peaceful and relaxing form of touch. Oh yeah, the snacks and music were also right on point!

Dublin, CA

I was anxious going to a Cuddle Party for the first time but everything was fine. I had already been to a few individual cuddle sessions with Sundria and she shared what it would be like. I think my nervous energy came from not knowing who would be there. I must say now that everything was pleasant and in order. Everyone was friendly and communicated very well. Sundria did a wonderful job of presenting material and going over boundary, consent, and cuddle party rules including exercises with us. She was cheerful, organized, kept everyone smiling and feeling comfortable. I am already planning to go to another cuddle party soon!

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Overnight Cuddlmonials



I heard about Sundria by word of mouth from a business associate that had an Individual Cuddle Session. I had a weeks worth of business in the Bay Area and desired to experience an individual cuddle session but after reviewing her site, a few communication exchanges, and visually speaking remotely with her I booked two nights of consecutive Overnight Sessions a few weeks in advance.

Can you say HEAVEN? If heaven had a scent it would be called Sundria! I drowned in her smile and swore her eyes were the windows to my soul. I believe I had more breakthroughs with her in 2 overnight sessions than in several years of talk therapy sessions. She REALLY listened to me. Her touch was amazing and she was warm, soft, smooth, and CUDDLY. 

She greeted me as if she knew me for years. I was immediately comforted and the nervous energy I had in anticipation was quickly gone. Sundria is good health embodied. She was the consummate professional reviewing disclosures, conduct rules, confidentiality, and role playing boundary exercises. Our time flew by as the suite became a private universe where I was engulfed in her positive and peaceful energy. We shared meals, talked, laughed, danced, held hands, exchanged touch, cuddled in several positions, and I slept like a baby on her lap on the couch then, embracing one another, we fell asleep in bed.

I had an awesome day of work meetings and conference calls the next day on point with clarity and confidence. I was eager for the next overnight session and it was just as great and grounding an experience as the previous night. I recommend Sundria's cuddling service to all for a life transforming experience. I wish I could have cloned her and brought her back to Utah with me. I definitely will hire her next time for my entire stay when I return to the Bay Area, if she's a YES!


My Overnight Session with Sundria was the best! I admit I was leery of the NO SEX thing but I quickly realized that she was serious and her level of professionalism and boundary setting was affirmed and stood throughout our entire time together. My overnight session was a birthday gift from a family member who had attended a Fairfield Cuddle Party that Sundria facilitated. I must admit I would never have sought out this type of service nor had I ever heard of it until I received the gift certificate. I looked it up on the web and was intrigued. I'm a shy, white, male and never imagined being held by a beautiful, gentle, intelligent, black woman. I told my family member not to buy me anything else for birthdays and Christmas except overnight sessions with Sundria! I never thought in my life that I would experience such an intense level of intimacy and emotional openness without sex. As a matter of fact, I NEVER experienced that intense level of intimacy and emotional openness with sex involved.

I've been through some medical nightmares and my life has been filled with multiple hospital stays and surgical procedures. To be seen, valued, held, and validated meant everything. I mostly appreciate how she listened to me and the long silent moments that we breathed together and just existed. You can't fake sincerity. I felt she cared not because my family member paid but because I was born. I recommend her to anyone needing validating, healthy, non-sexual touch. I now know how valuable it is to dedicate time for what Sundria called self care. I would definitely do this again!

***Pictured above is a suite in Italy at the 5 Star Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi

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