Why pairing touch therapy with essential oils works

Introduction to Essential Oils

Essential oils are gaining major momentum across the globe. They are the life force of the plant much like human blood. 

Essential oils are fragrant which refers directly to their ability to leap into the air. That is why you can smell, from across the room, some of the more potent oils when the bottle is opened. This is referred to as volatility.

Our bodies are composed of around 100 trillion cells. In one single drop of an essential oil there are around 40 million trillion molecules! These molecules are able to pass through the body's transportation system, when placed anywhere on the exterior of the body, creating an extremely effective highway to get into our entire body within minutes. 

The correct amount can be used by anyone regularly.

The Body's Transportation System

When paired with touch therapy the body experiences soothing comfort as the molecules, which make up the essential oil, passes through the body's tissue and goes directly into the cells. God created both the human body and plant life with intricate features and abilities. Both are derived from the earth so it makes sense that their natural sustainability is fused one to the other.

There's not much new under the sun. It was discovered long ago that there was healing qualities in plant life but a choice was made to manufacture a weakened product to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. Stop consuming less than what was created for you to fully access!

Using essential oils either topically (on the skin), aromatically (inhaled), or internally (ingested) can bring the body to a peaceful and well-balanced state of being.

Essential Oil Educator

I have been researching plant life and it's connection to health & wellness in the human body as God's natural healing agent.

Not only do I use essential oils but I educate others how best to use an essential oil or combination of oils devised specifically to meet their health needs.

I propose using essential oils in conjunction with, or to eventually wean from, the use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs whenever medically feasible.

Let's Oil Your Ills Away...

Price List

Prices shown do not include tax or shipping costs. Using Essential Oils does not guarantee that your health condition or diagnosis will dissipate. Please visit the contact me page on this website and email me with your interest in purchasing. I appreciate your business!